Thursday, 27 November 2008

Oh Christmas cards, oh Christmas cards!

Finally I've got round to photographing the christmas cards I've been making in the past few months. Here are just a few for now, I dont want to push all my other posts off the page lol.


If anyone actually reads my blog and they have any questions about my cards then feel free to ask.
Rach Xxx

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Blog Candy!

Check out the absolutely fab blog candy give away here: Some people's generosity really do amaze me!

I promise I will be posting some of my new cards on here soon, once I've photographed them that is :) I've been in xmas card making mode lately which is unusual for me, maybe because I've bought a few fantastic christmas themed products. Xxx

Monday, 20 October 2008


I stole this from Kitty's Bloggy Bits, I dont think she'll mind :)

I am: so very sleepy
I think: I should get dressed and make many, many xmas cards
I know: that I need to go out more
I have: way too much crafting stuff!
I wish: some people knew the real me
I hate: ignorant people
I miss: some of my friends
I fear: things going wrong
I hear: that leyland is getting a KFC. I hope its true :)
I smell: cheesey mini cheddars mm
I crave: ready salted baked crisps
I search: for the perfect job
I wonder: can anyone ever be truly happy
I regret: not going onto uni when I finished college
I love: my family, and my dogs, and the psycho budgie upstairs
I ache: fairly often in my stupid wrist. Noone has any idea how much it actually hurts me, i either dont tell them, or they think I'm just moaning.
I am not: someone to be messed with, several people think they can walk over me.
I believe: in carma baby!
I dance: when noone is around lol
I sing: all the time, not at work though
I cry: when I'm sad
I fight: with words not fists
I win: at checkers, I'm the champ lol
I lose: sleep when something is on my mind
I never: do things when I'm nagged about it
I always: find it hard to get up in the mornings
I confuse: people a lot, seriously
I listen: to everything around me, people forget to do that
I can usually be found: at work lol, or on my laptop
I am scared: spiders, bees, wasps, oh and daddy long legs, they terrify me
I need: company, I feel lonely otherwise
I am happy about: the fact I dont have to work today whoop!
I imagine: that all crafters spend a fortune lol


Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mojo Monday Entry

Again sorry for the fuzziness, I swear it didnt look that bad on the camera screen! This is my entry for mojo monday, god all these craft challenge blogs I keep finding are really keeping me inspired. Not sure yet who I'll give this card to, one of three people I suspect.

Papertake weekly competition entry

Need I say more :) I think I'll be giving this card to my friend, Jen, for her 22nd Birthday. X

(sorry about the fuzziness I'm having a bit of trouble with my camera)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Some More Cards

I've decided to have a lazy day today as the next week at work is going to be unbelievably hectic, what with my bosses going on holiday on Sunday for a week, I'm going to be relied on a hell of a lot. Anyway today I plan to make some more cards, it helps me relax so much, and here are a few I've made recently that I haven't posted yet.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Challenge Entries

Now I've been a little naughty this time and made one card to cover two challenges.

The first is at where the challenge was to use bright colours, and the second is at where there's a sketch to work from.
So here it is:

I'm also entering the challenge at :

Now I do have more new cards to show, but right now I need to go and have a sleep as I've been up since five!


Friday, 18 July 2008

No time for crafting! :(

Yes you read the title right! I seem to have no time for crafting at all, I'm either delivering avon orders, giving out/collecting books, or working :( And when I do actually have spare time I just dont seem to have the energy to make anything.

I will do soon though, promise.

Rach Xxx

Friday, 4 July 2008

I've done another challenge!

I've made a new challenge card, for the challenge at

I've kind of done two things at once, entering the challenge and making it as my mum's birthday card, its her birthday today :) so here it is:

Happy birthday mum!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Just a little memo for me...

Heres a quick memo for me of the blogs challenges I want to have a go at, so I can see them all in one place tomorrow which is when I plan to craft, craft, craft! As I have three birthday cards to make eek!

ABC challenge : A is for animal
Friday sketchers:see sketch
2 sketches for you: might use as basis for making mum and jinelle’s bday cards
Poetry Artistry (mojo Monday) have a go at the sketch
Check out the cute card Thursday challenge blog tomorrow, as I missed it this week
A spoonfull of sugar challenge blog: Circles.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

All Avon Orders delivered!

I've finally got all the Avon orders out! I delivered the last one last night so now I need to go to the bank and pay in the money.

I spent over an hour last night walking round with another girl and this dog that she'd found sat outside her house. We were trying to track down the owner to return the dog, which we managed eventually, although what annoyed me is that the people who owned it didnt even notice it was missing. If my dog was missing for more than 5 seconds I'd be panicking and searching the streets, let alone over an hour. God some people shouldnt be allowed dogs. She was such a lovely labrador too. Grr.

Now I promise I will be making some cards soon, I just never seem to find the time! Maybe I should stay off here for a while and make cards instead lol. Anyway I've got a driving lesson at 2pm which will hopefully go okay.


Monday, 30 June 2008

My Weekend

Gosh there's so much that happened this weekend I dont quite know where to start. Okay, on friday, my mum and I went out a bought a nintendo wii, and its great fun lol! We also wanted the wii fit board, but they were out of stock in argos, and today I've checked every website I can think of, and EVERYWHERE is out of stock. How crazy is that! Now on saturday myself, my mum, dad, my aunt, uncle, and cousins, (from america) went out for the day together. We went to a place called Claughton, to a pub there called the Fenwick Arms. If anyone has watched Gordon Ramsey's kitchen nightmares, where he goes to sort out failing pubs and restuarants, well the Fenwick Arms was one of those. I'd say it was a fairly good meal, although they do need to change the menu a bit, not everyone likes salmon etc. I had a cheese baguette which was yummy but I only managed to eat half of it lol! The others had fish and chips or Roast beef and yorkshire puds. I'm telling you those puds are the biggest I have ever seen! According to Gordon Ramsey they're the best he's ever had. I cant vouch for that as i didnt have them but they looked good. Then we got to meet and have a looooonnnggg chat with the owner, and head chef, Brian Rey, and my aunt and uncle had a photo taken with him. He also gave us a magazine with an article about him in it, his campaign for "real gravy" which was all over the menu's lol! Here's the magazine, and a napkin ring thing which i brought home. They also have a website at

Then we went into Skipton, where the market was on, which was pretty good, and I found a gorgeous Craft shop called The Stamp man, I could have spent hours in there but i wasn't allowed! I manged to limit myself and just buy a stamp and some peel-offs. I haven't got a photo of the peel-offs to post here, but they were of funny geisha's and chinese dragons. I'll take one soon I promise or i'll make a card with them. I also found out they have a website so even better! Anyway the stamp I bought is lovely its of a woman, I think its called Cassandra. Here it is:

I also bought a craft mag from a newsagents because it had a beautiful flower fairy stamp with it. I definitely recommend that you look out for it and buy it, i cant wait to use the stamp, and there are some fantastic cards in it.

I also bought a necklace and a pair of earrings from a charity shop, you gotta love charity shops for random finds. And again here are more photo's lol!


Friday, 27 June 2008

Suzie's Blog

Suzie is giving away some blog candy at
Isn't she a lovely person!



I am so tired this morning lol! Last night at work was pretty much bedlam, the roof in the stock room has about 8 leaks in it, so the other girl that I work with, and myself were run ragged having to keep emptying the buckets underneath. Not a nice job I can tell you. That, on top of putting out stock, about 10 boxes of crisps, and filling up the beer fridge, and serving customers too. Life's great eh?

On a good point I only have 4 more avon orders to deliver whooop!

Anyway here's a card I made a little while ago :)


Thursday, 26 June 2008

Rainy Day

Just a quick update, I'm making myself keep this blog going. Its not that I dont want to, I just seem to forget to post lol!

The weather is awful lately, or weird, as in rain then sun then rain again! Today it keeps raining for a few minutes then stopping again, and I need to go out, I'm hoping to dodge these showers lol!

The being an Avon rep is going okay, I've sorted out (touch wood) the problems I've been having, and I've got a new area manager who seems better than the last one.
This campaign I've made £63...something, I know it doesnt seem that great but I'm just starting out and I hope to build on that :)

I haven't made any cards since the other day, i want to, but i need to get all the Avon orders out, and collect the money in. Ah well I will make time eventually.


Monday, 23 June 2008

Ismaki Challenge

So over the past few weeks I've been searching the web and finding loads of wonderful craft blogs, which are really inspiring for me, and have helped me to get my oomph back.

I've even created my very first challenge card, which was a sketch off Ismaki,

i'm not sure if I like the card I made or not, its definitely different from what I usually make, well whatever here it is.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

And so I became an avon lady!

Yes you read the title right. As of a few weeks ago I am now an avon rep, and boy has it been a struggle so far.

Firstly an avon sales leader came to see me, and explained, extremely briefly, what she felt I needed to know about Avon, then gave me brochures, a calling book, her number and left.

So off I went, happily posting books through doors on my road. Only to discover that my road is already assigned to another rep (never mind the fact I've never, ever had a book from her) and that I'd been trespassing! I tried several times to get in touch with both my sales leader and the area manager without much success, and in the end I actually bumped into my roads' rep while she was dropping off orders. So I met her, and explained and she was fine about it, so I collected in my books, with a few orders, and that was that.

The area manager got in touch, gave me my own territory (god that sounds weird eh!) and all sanity was restored! Whoop!

However this campaign I've had some newbie rep steal an entire roadsworth of customers from me, because her leader misinformed her (surprise, surprise!) So in the end good old me had to sort that out also, with no help whatsoever from the very people who are supposed to help me.
I've said to the new rep that she can keep the orders she got (which I dont have to do by the way, i can demand she hands them over) And that she must not do my territory again!

So all in all i have a sales leader and area manager who are near to impossible to get in touch with, and yes I've met a few rude people, but I think Avon might just be worth it. I just hope I never have an emergency because I'd be stuffed for help.

Anyway dont be put off by my rambling, Avon is good, if you have people above you who actually answer their phone! They have great products and you get to meet some lovely people. I didnt believe all the hype about "making new friends" through avon, but I think it does help you get to know people who live near you.

Oh and if anyone happens to see this and lives in leyland, lancashire, feel free to message me if you want any avon products I'll happily try to get a book to you :)

(I know this has absolutely nothing to do with crafting, but its my blog so nerh!)

Rach Xxxx