Monday, 20 October 2008


I stole this from Kitty's Bloggy Bits, I dont think she'll mind :)

I am: so very sleepy
I think: I should get dressed and make many, many xmas cards
I know: that I need to go out more
I have: way too much crafting stuff!
I wish: some people knew the real me
I hate: ignorant people
I miss: some of my friends
I fear: things going wrong
I hear: that leyland is getting a KFC. I hope its true :)
I smell: cheesey mini cheddars mm
I crave: ready salted baked crisps
I search: for the perfect job
I wonder: can anyone ever be truly happy
I regret: not going onto uni when I finished college
I love: my family, and my dogs, and the psycho budgie upstairs
I ache: fairly often in my stupid wrist. Noone has any idea how much it actually hurts me, i either dont tell them, or they think I'm just moaning.
I am not: someone to be messed with, several people think they can walk over me.
I believe: in carma baby!
I dance: when noone is around lol
I sing: all the time, not at work though
I cry: when I'm sad
I fight: with words not fists
I win: at checkers, I'm the champ lol
I lose: sleep when something is on my mind
I never: do things when I'm nagged about it
I always: find it hard to get up in the mornings
I confuse: people a lot, seriously
I listen: to everything around me, people forget to do that
I can usually be found: at work lol, or on my laptop
I am scared: spiders, bees, wasps, oh and daddy long legs, they terrify me
I need: company, I feel lonely otherwise
I am happy about: the fact I dont have to work today whoop!
I imagine: that all crafters spend a fortune lol