Friday, 23 January 2009


I know we're three quarters of the way through January, but seeing as its my first post of 2009 I want to wish everyone a happy new year.

Now I have a few plans for this year, and I hope I can be successful in all of them.

  • Get a new job

I, quite frankly, am sick of my job. I dont seem to get any respect from my bosses, I can work my ass off every night, and they only bring up negative things, instead of giving me kudos for my good work. I'm finding myself having to do jobs that other co workers claim to have done, because if I dont then I get lectured on it, even though its not a fault, and quite frankly its driving me crazy. The only reason I've stayed working there for so long, to be honest, is because I've got too comfy there. I need a new challenge, I need to work somewhere where I'm appreciated and not treated like a useless lump. If I could quit right now and walk away and concentrate on my avon for a while and look for a new job then I would. But I'd dissapoint my dad and he'd be mad at me.

  • Pass my driving test

Well I need to get the courage to book it first! I've been hurt too much when I've failed it and I really dont want to do that again, but i DO know I CAN pass the test, I just need to go for it. Arghh! Positivity all the way, right?!

There is plenty more but those are the main two, and if I dont do them then I'm gonna go loopy lol.

Oh and I also promise to do lots and lots and lots of crafting and card making this year, and to keep my blog updated.