Thursday, 22 May 2008

And so I became an avon lady!

Yes you read the title right. As of a few weeks ago I am now an avon rep, and boy has it been a struggle so far.

Firstly an avon sales leader came to see me, and explained, extremely briefly, what she felt I needed to know about Avon, then gave me brochures, a calling book, her number and left.

So off I went, happily posting books through doors on my road. Only to discover that my road is already assigned to another rep (never mind the fact I've never, ever had a book from her) and that I'd been trespassing! I tried several times to get in touch with both my sales leader and the area manager without much success, and in the end I actually bumped into my roads' rep while she was dropping off orders. So I met her, and explained and she was fine about it, so I collected in my books, with a few orders, and that was that.

The area manager got in touch, gave me my own territory (god that sounds weird eh!) and all sanity was restored! Whoop!

However this campaign I've had some newbie rep steal an entire roadsworth of customers from me, because her leader misinformed her (surprise, surprise!) So in the end good old me had to sort that out also, with no help whatsoever from the very people who are supposed to help me.
I've said to the new rep that she can keep the orders she got (which I dont have to do by the way, i can demand she hands them over) And that she must not do my territory again!

So all in all i have a sales leader and area manager who are near to impossible to get in touch with, and yes I've met a few rude people, but I think Avon might just be worth it. I just hope I never have an emergency because I'd be stuffed for help.

Anyway dont be put off by my rambling, Avon is good, if you have people above you who actually answer their phone! They have great products and you get to meet some lovely people. I didnt believe all the hype about "making new friends" through avon, but I think it does help you get to know people who live near you.

Oh and if anyone happens to see this and lives in leyland, lancashire, feel free to message me if you want any avon products I'll happily try to get a book to you :)

(I know this has absolutely nothing to do with crafting, but its my blog so nerh!)

Rach Xxxx