Friday, 6 November 2009

I'm actually getting organised!

I've got a craft desk, I've got a craft desk!! I kept going green with envy everytime I saw other crafters craft rooms/ areas, so I finally got off my butt and did something about it. I got a simple desk and a wooden filing cabinet to help me get organised. I'm not quite there yet but Ihave got to the point where if I need something I can usually find it within seconds. I've found so much stuff that I forgot that I had! Its shocking. Plus I'm enjoying doing lots of stamping, something which I used to find frustrating because the stamped images would never come out clear enough. I invested in a brilliant ink pad and now I'm zooming :)
Tomorrow I will take a photo of my crafty area (might have to tidy it a bit first lol) and some of my new cards. Fun fun. xx

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Bad bad Bad bad Bad

Do you know I tend to get annoyed when someone who's crafty blog I'm watching just ceases to post anything all today. Ironic I know, considering thats what I've been doing, I guess life in general gets in the way. Anyhow on the off chance that anyone actually reads my blog, I felt the need to pop onto here and say hello. I have actually made two cards today, one for my mum and dads wedding anniversary on the 15th, with a cute and the other for my grandads 70th Birthday, although I'm not too sure if i like it or not, theres either something missing or its simply too blah. I'll post them as soon as I take photos with my camera.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

What A Lovely Day!

Here are a few more cards I've made lately, the first being one I dont want to give away because its so shinnnyyyy lol! I got the decoupage from a craft fair at Bolton (I've still got three more but I'm reluctant to cut them up lol), and the paper from a set I bought at Hobbycraft, I'm not sure of the make, I'll look it up when I get a chance, but there are some gorgeous, bright colours there.

This one was for my Dad's birthday (obviously!) I told you that you'd be seeing more big letter / number cards. I'm not very good at mens cards, they always seem boring to me, but I really liked making this one.

And onto some non-craftyness, I cleaned out my little goldfishes tank this morning, it had horrible fungus stuff on the glass of the tank, so i emptied a fair bit of the water out then wiped the sides of the tank. Its a nice, clean home for fish now. Now I'm just catching up on Neighbours while updating this and my others sites.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Debbie's 101 followers giveway!

The lovely Debbie is having a giveaway because she has reached 101 followers. Its here:

You should definitely check out her blog while you're there, she's one of my fave bloggers, and her cards and craftiness really inspire me.


Saturday, 23 May 2009

New laptop!

I decided to splash out today and bought myself a new laptop. Its the Dell one they keep advertising on tv from Currys, and its cherry red. Its going to take me a little while to figure it all out, plus I need to put all my programs on it. So bear with me. I do like its prettiness though lol.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fairies and Ladybugs!

Heres a lovely flower fairy card, the flower gems, paper, and flower fairy image are from Lets make cards magazine. The rest is from my crafty stash.

I made the card below for my mum when she had to go into hospital for an operation. She's now well on her way to recovery. I seem to be into making bright cards lately, plus I love the little ladybugs I got from a website.

Rach Xxx

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

As Promised...

As I promised several weeks ago I have finally got round to taking photos of the new cards I have made. I won't post them all at once but over the next few days they'll start appearing.

Now...which one to show first?

My mum bought her very first stamp from a site called one stop card crafts. I recommend checking it out, they're good prices plus you get a minimum of 10% discount off your order no matter how little you spend. Ramble over, anyway this is a Jollynation stamp and we both liked it because we have a caravan and go camping, although not as much as we used to. Its perfect for my grandma and grandad too as they love going away in their caravan.

This one I made a couple of months ago for a friend, Chloe, who turned 18. I really enjoyed making this card, its different from my usual style. You'll be seeing a fair few more of these no doubt.


Saturday, 18 April 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I have bought SO much craft stuff in the past few weeks its unbelievable! I haven't even got round to using half of them. I have made a fair few cards though, and I'll finish taking photos of them and if I can find my camera wire I'll be posting them here very soon.

I went to a craft and gift fair at Reebok Stadium in horwich last sunday, it was quite small but that wasn't a bad thing as there was some good quality stuff there (I spent too much lol).

I think its a crafters curse, spending too much money!

Oh and i have finally taken the plunge and bought....wait for it...a Cuttlebug!!!! And some lovely dies and embossing folders to go with it. I keep checking the site to see the status on the order. I cant wait! I've wanted one for quite a while but was put off by the prices. But then i found a site called Crafts at home, where its only £49.99!

Anyway thought I'd better post something on my blog as I've been neglecting it quite a bit. I'll try to show my new cards soon I promise.

Rach X

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Stitch & Creative Craft Show at Manchester!

Yes thats where I went today and loved it! Well okay to be fair it was packed with people which made it hard to actually get to look at the stalls properly sometimes, it involved several trips round the hall lol, but I still enjoyed myself and spent lots of pennies! One woman gave me some advice, she said to leave my manners at the door and just push in. Then she let me go in a queue infront of her which I found funny!

I'll be making lots of cards with my new crafty stuff soon, I'm also planning on making a bunch of Valentines cards and persuading my boss to let me sell them at the shop. I've never bothered with Valentines day cards before so it should be fun.

I'm knackered from today so I wont write a list of what I bought, but it involves lots of paper, card, peel offs and gorgeous decoupage dragons. God I cant wait. Hey come to think of it why am I? I'm off!

Friday, 23 January 2009


I know we're three quarters of the way through January, but seeing as its my first post of 2009 I want to wish everyone a happy new year.

Now I have a few plans for this year, and I hope I can be successful in all of them.

  • Get a new job

I, quite frankly, am sick of my job. I dont seem to get any respect from my bosses, I can work my ass off every night, and they only bring up negative things, instead of giving me kudos for my good work. I'm finding myself having to do jobs that other co workers claim to have done, because if I dont then I get lectured on it, even though its not a fault, and quite frankly its driving me crazy. The only reason I've stayed working there for so long, to be honest, is because I've got too comfy there. I need a new challenge, I need to work somewhere where I'm appreciated and not treated like a useless lump. If I could quit right now and walk away and concentrate on my avon for a while and look for a new job then I would. But I'd dissapoint my dad and he'd be mad at me.

  • Pass my driving test

Well I need to get the courage to book it first! I've been hurt too much when I've failed it and I really dont want to do that again, but i DO know I CAN pass the test, I just need to go for it. Arghh! Positivity all the way, right?!

There is plenty more but those are the main two, and if I dont do them then I'm gonna go loopy lol.

Oh and I also promise to do lots and lots and lots of crafting and card making this year, and to keep my blog updated.