Friday, 18 July 2008

No time for crafting! :(

Yes you read the title right! I seem to have no time for crafting at all, I'm either delivering avon orders, giving out/collecting books, or working :( And when I do actually have spare time I just dont seem to have the energy to make anything.

I will do soon though, promise.

Rach Xxx

Friday, 4 July 2008

I've done another challenge!

I've made a new challenge card, for the challenge at

I've kind of done two things at once, entering the challenge and making it as my mum's birthday card, its her birthday today :) so here it is:

Happy birthday mum!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Just a little memo for me...

Heres a quick memo for me of the blogs challenges I want to have a go at, so I can see them all in one place tomorrow which is when I plan to craft, craft, craft! As I have three birthday cards to make eek!

ABC challenge : A is for animal
Friday sketchers:see sketch
2 sketches for you: might use as basis for making mum and jinelle’s bday cards
Poetry Artistry (mojo Monday) have a go at the sketch
Check out the cute card Thursday challenge blog tomorrow, as I missed it this week
A spoonfull of sugar challenge blog: Circles.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

All Avon Orders delivered!

I've finally got all the Avon orders out! I delivered the last one last night so now I need to go to the bank and pay in the money.

I spent over an hour last night walking round with another girl and this dog that she'd found sat outside her house. We were trying to track down the owner to return the dog, which we managed eventually, although what annoyed me is that the people who owned it didnt even notice it was missing. If my dog was missing for more than 5 seconds I'd be panicking and searching the streets, let alone over an hour. God some people shouldnt be allowed dogs. She was such a lovely labrador too. Grr.

Now I promise I will be making some cards soon, I just never seem to find the time! Maybe I should stay off here for a while and make cards instead lol. Anyway I've got a driving lesson at 2pm which will hopefully go okay.