Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 85

Wow I haven't joined in for over two months, feel free to rap my knuckles :P So without aimless rambling here is my desk.

I've finally found my craft mojo again!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Life...Jobs...and Budgies :)

Wow, so I haven't posted in nearly two flippin' months! Its not like I've been overly busy, I'm on the hunt for a job now, but not much else going on. My wrist has pretty much healed after the operation, job hunting is horrible! You have to fill in awful application forms, some of which have really daft multiple choice questions, then you hand it in and wait...and wait...and wait.
I do have my four lovely budgies to keep me occupied though, they make me smile everyday with their crazy antics. I'm trying to get them to like fruit and veggies, so far only two of them, Milo and Lola, will eat them, and they've only really liked grapes, they eat out all the middle and leave the skin lol. I am officially budgie obsessed! They are making an awful mess though, what with the cage being in my bedroom it feels like an endless battle against all the seeds and poop and feathers. I need to have a big clear out in my bedroom before christmas. Maybe I should follow "Flylady" and take photos and post my progress on here, I need something to motivate me. Oh and if you haven't heard of Flylady then google her, she is great, she's from the U.S and encourages thousands of women all over the world to keep chaos out of their houses.
Right now, as I'm typing this obviously, I'm watching Ugly Betty, I can't believe its the last EVER season! *insert tears here* and I have a little dog curled up next to me, breathing her stinky breath on me lol.
So...I have no cards to show :( my creative mojo has left the building. Its very frustrating, I have lots of lovely cardmaking stuff upstairs but if I sit down to make a card they turn out...well rubbish. I will persevere though  :)
I am still checking out the wonderful WOYWW though, everyone's desks are great to look at, I like having a good nosey around, and I'm hoping it'll give me inspiration.

Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

WOYWW post with budgies!

So I've been awol for a while, sorry about that x Hmm so what's new? I had the operation on my wrist and its healing nicely although I don't have much strength or flexibility in it but I'm working on that. I've been spending lots of time with friends which is good :) Oh and I have two more additions to my budgie family, Milo & Milly, I do have a couple of photos of them but I'm not too happy with them because Milo & Milly do everything they can to get away from the scary camera lol. I do have lots of new photos of Ozzie & Lola though, the little posers so I thought I'd be a obsessed budgie mummy and post them on here so bear wiith me lol. I know its not exactly WOYWW related but their cage is practically next to my desk so thats my rationalising :D If you've happened upon my blog by accident and you're thinking"what the hell is WOYWW??" well its when all us crafters get together and share photo's of our desks with each other because lets face it crafters are nosey lol. Here's the link if you're interested:

So first up is Ozzie, my gorgeous little man, he's about three years old and makes me smile every day.

Next up is my pudgey Lola who usually looks grumpy in her photographs lol.

And here are the newest two Milly (the green one) and Milo (who is yellow) I plan on taking better photos of them once they trust me more but I can't resist showing them off lol.

Budgie obsessing over lol. I'm now off to have a nosey at everyone's wonderful desks :)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Quite late in the day I know but its still Wednesday hehe. I haven't posted in a while, things have been busy with appointments etc, plus lack of energy for some reason. Anywho, to make up for it I'm going to post two, yes TWO photos of my desk, one taken today, minutes ago, and one from this weekend, so its technically a whats on your workdesk weekend! Ha! someone should set that group up lol so we can all be doubley (is that a word?) nosey :D Enough talk from me, I've decided to simply let the photo's do the talking today (and yes I realise I've just written a long paragraph, but thats not about my desk so nerh! lol)


This weekend's:

Oh and I have a card to show you, the one I made for my mum's birthday. Nothing elaborate, I got these shaped cards with a magazine and wanted to try them out :)

I've had a look round a few of your gorgeous blogs, but now I'm off to eat my tea then look at even more blogs! x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

WOYWW with a twist!

And i'm back again :) No crafting this week I'm afraid, just doesn't seem to have happened. But I do have a few idea's up my sleeve (hypothetical sleeve lol) Anyway, one of the reasons I've been quite busy is because I've got a new baby, a baby budgie that is lol. So i figured as there was nothing interesting to show on my desk, card-making wise, that I'd show you her:

I didn't realise how filthy my laptop is, its a dell inspiron and its all shiny plastic so fingerprints show up like mad. I'll definitely be cleaning it today!

Here's a closer picture of "baby budgie" yep thats what I've been calling her, I got her on Sunday and still haven't decided on a name! There have been a few possibles, Skye, Dotty, Dory (as in the blue fish from finding nemo lol) but still can't decide. So if anyone has any suggestions they will be gratefully received :)

Happy Wednesday everyone. xx

Oh and I plan to add some photos of my lovely animals to my blog soon, so if you want to see my three dogs, and my other budgie, Ozzie, then check back soon. x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


And yet again I remember to post whoo! I think Mrs Julia Dunnit is having a good effect on me :) So thank you Julia. As promised I'm going to show you my new ikea things, I got a bygel rail and tub things and these cute little glass jars. Taa Daa!

They aren't sloping, its me and my photography lol.

Now I'm off to tidy my Dad's garage for him, although he may fall out with me when he can't find anything lol. Later I'm going to have a good nosey around everyone elses blogs. I managed to get through all 100 and something of the entries for WOYWW, even if I didn't comment on all of them!

I haven't done anything for the anniversary though, sorry, I only joined a couple of weeks ago and didn't have a clue what to make. Next year though :)


Monday, 31 May 2010

Shopping Trip!

I went to Ikea yesterday, after finally managing to persuade my dad to take me. I really wanted to get one of those rails and the plastic tub things that go on it. I've seen some fantastic craft rooms with them. I also bought 4 little glass jars that were a bargain :) You'll get to see my new things on wednesday of course :)