Saturday, 7 February 2009

Stitch & Creative Craft Show at Manchester!

Yes thats where I went today and loved it! Well okay to be fair it was packed with people which made it hard to actually get to look at the stalls properly sometimes, it involved several trips round the hall lol, but I still enjoyed myself and spent lots of pennies! One woman gave me some advice, she said to leave my manners at the door and just push in. Then she let me go in a queue infront of her which I found funny!

I'll be making lots of cards with my new crafty stuff soon, I'm also planning on making a bunch of Valentines cards and persuading my boss to let me sell them at the shop. I've never bothered with Valentines day cards before so it should be fun.

I'm knackered from today so I wont write a list of what I bought, but it involves lots of paper, card, peel offs and gorgeous decoupage dragons. God I cant wait. Hey come to think of it why am I? I'm off!